Wood drying kiln plan

Drying chamber

Lumber stacking for wood drying kiln.
First, you define parameters of the lumber stacking.
  The width of the lumber stacking - a very important parameter. It largely determines construction costs for drying kiln, operating costs and the quality of drying lumber. If the stacking is not wider 2.20 m, you can use non-reversible fans, humidity reduction scheme of air becomes much simpler and cheaper and has more variants than with reversible air flow. If the stacking is wider than 2.70 m, use reversible fans for quality wood drying. Wider stacking requires more electricity costs during drying at the same volumes of drying lumber.

  Lumber stack height is determined mainly by way of loading for the wood drying kiln.
If the loading is manually, stacking height is 2.0 m.
If the loading is by rail trolley, stacking height is (2.5 - 3.0) m.
If the height of lumber stacking is 3.0 m, usually make restrictive rods on each side of the stack, two on each side for better fixation of the stacking.
Next you add 50 cm from the edge stacking and get internal width of the drying kiln.
Then you define the height of the second ceiling.
  With manual loading of the wood drying kiln is better not to make a second ceiling for simplify loading, and use the upper layer boards as a second ceiling. Of course, when dried, these boards will crack, but they can still be used in production. To simplify the loading, you can also make a additional door or gate on the other side of the drying kiln.
If stack is loaded into the kiln with using of a rail trolley, leave space between the top of stacking and the second ceiling (10 - 15) cm.
  Now your main task - to draw the outline of your drying kiln so that the air flows move through the stacking and had no other way (holes) for passage. Of course, these ways are always exist. The wider the stacking, the greater the difference between the aerodynamic resistance of these paths and the aerodynamic resistance of the stacking, the more air will pass bypassing stacking wasted.